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Your body needs to move. Your body needs fuel to move. We created our Kinutriology program to find YOUR balance of fuel and function. Each plan is designed to work exclusively for your individual body type and goals. Whether you are looking for a lifestyle change or just want to get into better shape and health, our Kinutriology program can help you become a better version of yourself.

WHAT IT IS: Through our Kinutriology program, we create a training and nutrition plan customized to work for your individual body type and personal goals. Our process is effective, and offers a type of convenience and personalization that can’t be found in your average fitness center. The first step of the process is testing out the individual to discover where to begin on their level of skill for training. With nutrition, We consult with you and evaluate your overall health history and background. Based on the individual’s information, We will then find the best and most effective meal plan option for them.

WHO IT’S MEANT FOR: Our Kinutriology is meant for anyone whose goal is to get into better shape and health. Whether you seek to get into better shape for an event coming up or want to make a complete lifestyle change, Our mission is to shift each client’s mentality so that their health goals become a permanent way of thinking. We want our clients to always strive to be a better version of themselves, no matter the circumstances.

WHY IT’S UNIQUE: What makes our Kinutriology unique is what we don’t have – and that’s a corporate mentality. We are extremely passionate about what we teach, and our number-one goal is for our clients to excel and reach their ultimate success. Our program is unique because we don’t give you the run-around. Instead, we offer clear, direct options that are effective, convenient and affordable.

Delicious Foods to Fuel Your Fitness


Get back in the game of healthy eating through our TorrNutrition program. With TorrNutrition, our team of professionals create a custom strategy that includes typed-up meal plans and grocery shopping lists. Our nutrition plan can cover anywhere from one to five meals a day. We work with all diets, from heavy bulkers to vegetarians to diabetics to gluten-free and more.

WHAT IT IS: Through our TorrNutrition program, we create a nutrition plan customized to work for your diet and personal goals. With each individual client, we create typed-up meal plans and grocery shopping lists. Your plan can cover anywhere from one to five meals a day, and can be covered Monday – Friday. We also offer a weekend extension package so that there’s no need to break those good eating habits on Saturdays and Sundays.

WHO IT’S MEANT FOR: TorrNutrition works for any diet. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain weight, get back to a healthy weight, or are a vegetarian, diabetic, gluen-free, etc., we’ll create a meal plan that will get you to your goal.

WHY IT’S UNIQUE: Nutrition is a science that the team at Torres has mastered time and again. We are passionate about this science and thrive off of helping our clients achieve their ultimate nutritional goals. If you’re considering a new, healthy lifestyle, consider hiring the team of professionals at Torr Nutrition to get you on the right track.

Influenced by Motion


The TorrTraining program is about the right structure and strategy that will get you to your goal. Our team designs a custom plan that is fun and fresh, and we keep you motivated every step of the way. What makes our program unique is that we take pride in offering a plan that not only helps you reach your physical fitness goals, but also your mental goals. We build positive mindsets so that you can be a more confident, secure, happy version of yourself.

WHAT IT IS: The TorrTraining program is a completely customized strategy that helps you achieve the healthiest results for your mind and body. At TorrTraining, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all training program, and as such we are passionate about building a custom plan that works for you and your body type. After evaluating your health history and goals, our team of certified professionals will create a personalized training plan that includes specific exercises and work outs meant exclusively for you.

WHO IT’S MEANT FOR: The TorrTraining program is meant for bodies of all shapes and sizes. No matter what your end goal is, we can get you there through fun, fresh exercises and nonstop motivation. As a complimentary add-on, we keep track of your week-to-week progress by doing picture progressions shared in a private folder. This allows you to see your improvement first hand.

WHY IT’S UNIQUE: TorrTraining doesn’t just train you physically, we train you mentally as well! We know that every day life can be a struggle, so we help you turn negatives into positives by building a more confident, happy, secure YOU!

Cost Effective Training


November - January Rates:

20 sessions/month
$500/month ( $25/session)
16 sessions/month
$480/month ($30/session)
12 sessions/month
$420/month ($35/session)
8 sessions/month
$320/month ($40/session)
4 sessions/month
$180/month ($45/session)

Regular Rates:

Non membership - (pay sessions to session) $55-60 minute training session
Membership - (up front month to month payment) $50-60 minute training session

This Month Only


November Special Rates:

non membership (no monthly contract, pay per session)

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